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When a Tweeter becomes a Twiddler

20 July 2009 No Comment

When a Tweeter becomes a Twiddler
Effectively Managing the Time Spent on your Social Media Marketing Campaign

We have all experienced that moment where we open our email again even though we just minimized it and there was nothing new.  Or we have refreshed our facebook/twitter to see if anything new has 741283_97524880popped up.  Or we’ve closed a browser and out of habit opened it up again even though there is no need.  Or you end up staring aimlessly at your monitor wondering “what can I do?”

You have become a twiddler – metaphorically twiddling your thumbs.

This is particularly dangerous for people who spend all day working at their computer.  It is even more of a temptation when you are able to 708280_45728105validate it under the claim that you’re “managing the social media marketing campaign.”

However, there are many effective and fun ways to resist and to maintain productivity.  I hope to open the discussion on ways to not only battle idleness and the trap of twiddlerdom, but also how to make the time you spend truthfully “managing the social media marketing campaign” (because for many of us, that is our job description) much more effective.

Develop a Routine
Set up a game plan, an outline of what tasks are involved daily within your campaign.  Chris Brogan has put together a great list of ways to develop your presence on the web.   These are things that should most definitely be included on your list.

Don’t be a spectator
Although there is a time to browse, if that is all you do, then you are invisible.  Following Chris’ list will help you break out of this.  However, if you find yourself just reading other people’s tweets and updates, take the extra step and reply or comment.  A one sentence comment takes little time, but opens doors.

516246_85946031Take a Walk, Bring a Pen
Rather than stare at your screen and try to think of what to do next, turn around.  Creativity and Ideas are fostered when our surroundings change.  I turn often to a large blank piece of paper that I tape to my desk each week.  It’s my brainstorm space, away from my screen.  Go grab a glass of water.  Go tell your boss something nice – kill two birds with one stone.  Bring a pen – it’s been there for thousands of years as the creative thinker’s best companion.

Throw Randomness into the Mix
Sometimes to spark the creative region of my brain, I will create or find random things.  For example:  Sometimes I scribble on a piece of paper with my eyes closed and then look at it from different angles.  You see different things and your mind goes off.  I used a random word generator with the settings on somewhat uncommon words and it led to this article – “twiddler” came up.

Act on Your Instincts
If you have a thought to do something, do it.  Putting things off is dangerous.  Take a few minutes to do something to push your idea forward, even if it’s just writing it down on the brainstorm page.  Don’t just sit there! You hate to forget your creative thoughts, just as I have forgotten the idea I had about how to end this article.

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